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Landstar Practices Sustainability:

  • No idle policy at all facilities
  • Use of Prepass to reduce idling
  • Landstar Link publication is now electronic/email
  • Technology innovations supporting “paperless” processes
  • Bidding, settlements, claims, training, marketing, communication and data warehousing
  • Working to raise awareness on reducing environmental impact
  • New Computer Power Management System 
  • Automatic shut down of computers during evenings and weekends, and powers back up prior to the workday 
  • Updates to Landstar’s server and conference room A/V technologies
  • 90% predicted annual reduction in power and cooling costs for server/computer rooms
  • Trailer improvements - trailer skirts & low rolling resistance tires
  • Weekly presentations to our BCO family to educate them on ways to reduce their largest annual expense: FUEL 
  • BCO’s must present ways they are working toward lower fuel consumption
  • LCAPP Program allows Partners big discounts for purchasing fuel-efficient equipment


Momentum becomes Paperless!

Momentum continues to achieve SUSTAINABILITY!  Momentum has gone paperless and is now recycling all paper in bins that were provided to all employees. We are also recycling aluminum cans and plastic. Our Green Alliance Sustainability Team finds ways to conduct business responsibly for our community, customers and environment. We believe in Small Things, Done Right!!


What it Means to Be a Landstar Agent

Independent Landstar agents have the backing of a financially stable company that is recognized as a leader in information technology, software and Web-based applications, EDI, and satellite tracking. At Landstar, safety, security, and compliance come first. The result is a 99-percent claim-free delivery rate.


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